We are pleased to inform you that the 11th Biennial symbolic Reopening of African Lodge No. 459 will take place on April 24, 25 and 26, 2020.  The reopening is expected to be magnificent as sitting Most Worshipful Grand Masters from various jurisdictions have been invited to participate as line officers in full colonial dress and regalia. They will represent each of the original Lodge Officers of African Lodge No. 459.
The theme of the 2020 reopening will be “Legends and Legacy.”  The re-opening is scheduled to take place Saturday April 25, 2020 with the reception of visiting Grand Masters together with their delegations. This re-opening will feature a multi-lingual presentation of the Prince Hall charge representing the universality of Freemasonry.  There will be a “Sights and Sound” speaker series where well informed Brethren will make presentations at places of historical significance to African Lodge No. 459 and Prince Hall Masonry generally: Museum of African American History; Cambridge Commons, Copps Hill Burial Ground and Castle Island. The 2020 reopening weekend will again include a Table Lodge gathering in addition to the usual theatrical play, historic tours, shopping and two evenings of fellowship, entertainment and dancing.
Registration fee is $150.00 not including the Table Lodge which will be an additional $35.00. The registration fee will cover the Reenactment of the Opening of African Lodge No. 459, the theatrical play and Friday and Saturday evening entertainment only.  The “sights and Sounds” speaker series, will cost $30.00 per guest. The Saturday evening entertainment and dance function will be held at the William E. Reed Auditorium at the Masonic Temple beginning at 9 PM. The cost will be $35.00 for non-registered guests.  The Friday evening entertainment at Biff’s Lounge will cost $15.00 for non-registered guests.  The Deadline for registration will be April 15, 2020.
Lodging is reserved at the Dedham Hilton Hotel located at 25 Allied Drive, Dedham, Massachusetts. (781) 329-7900. The room rate is $125.00 plus tax for a single or double room. This rate is available only until April 6, 2020. Make your reservations under “African Lodge 459”. Kindly note that proper masonic attire is required for all attendees at the reopening ceremony.
The Deadline for registration is April 15, 2020. Come celebrate your heritage! We will be honored to have you and your delegation at what is expected to be another memorable, festive and educational weekend.

R. W. Manuel R. Pires
Chairman, African Lodge No. 459